Anti-Valentine's Day Bash

Last Thursday evening the ladies of Vivanti threw a fabulous Anti-Valentine’s Day Bash for all the Dallas singles!

The unique event quickly sold out and drew media buzz from the Dallas Morning News, Culture Map, Paper City and more. For the lucky 50 attendees, a sea of black balloons, black glitter and black roses set the scene while Freddie Jones and his crew jazzed the crowd with some Blues tunes. The bar served up some killer Kobe Beef Sliders by Chef Ben Leath, Lone Star beer buckets and Original Sin Shots. And to satisfy all the sweet teeth, we had candy galore and sinfully delightful cupcakes! We even added a little spice to the night, as Naughty Cupid tried to steal hearts with his roses and black wings.

As the night came to a close, one lucky lady got to give our heart piñata a good bashing: take THAT, Valentine’s! We also made sure the guests didn’t leave empty-handed with glitter tattoos, Voodoo dolls, Bittersweets conversation hearts, Neuro Energy Drinks, gift cards and more!

Check out the photos: You will see the soirée was the best way possible for fashionable singles to survive the mushiest holiday of the year!

#cupidisstupid #downwiththemushy