Bright Concept: Brand Positioning

A brand is like a reputation. It’s what people say about your company when you aren’t around. And brand positioning is the effort to influence and shape that conversation. 

Vivanti frequently joins forces with companies seeking to create or clarify their brand’s position in the market place. Our process includes researching competitors, analyzing market trends and interviewing key stakeholders to craft a brand position that is rooted in reality but maintains a reachable vision. 

Recently, Vivanti began the challenge of creating a brand position for a parent company with about five subsidiaries under their umbrella, each with a unique service offering. As a team, we thought about the best way to scoop all five entities under the one main position of the parent company. The challenge was to be broad enough to be comprehensive, yet narrow enough to provide clarity. The research and brainstorming session helped the team select an umbrella position. Currently, we are developing positioning statements for each subsidiary that reflect each company’s unique market but also fit within the parent’s brand position. 

 When it was all said and done, our team took away a few key concepts about brand positions. 

  1. Simplicity is best: In this, we mean if you are confused about your brand position, then your clients and employees are also confused. Take time to really dig deep into your brand to determine its true position and where you really want to go. 
  2. Words are important: Each word in your brand position should be carefully chosen and crafted in order to convey the appropriate message about your company. Increase verses maximize, create verses built and excellence verses quality are just a few minor examples of words that are essentially the same but come with different meanings. Your brand position should use carefully selected words that convey exactly what you want your brand to say. 
  3. Have the right people in the brainstorm: This is crucial. The top decision-makers with the final say must absolutely be involved in the brand position process. Clients who wait to involve executives very late in the process usually derail the initial efforts. 
  4. The position is internal: Clients are sometimes caught up in the sizzle and appeal of the position. It is so important to remember this statement is visionary and internal. It is not meant to become the headline of your Website or brochure. When it comes to positioning statements, we always vote for clarity.