Four Secrets to Picture-Perfect Social Media Posts

Imagine your dazed social media audience scrolling through hundreds of posts. What will make them stop to click, share or comment on yours? More often than not, a good picture will help.

A compelling image is worth far more than 1,000 words on social media. Interesting graphics are absolutely critical to grabbing and connecting with your audience. Unfortunately, finding or creating post-worthy imagery is challenging and time-consuming. As the quantity of social content explodes before our eyes, it’s not getting any easier! Plus there are strict image usage laws to comply with.

So how do you find or create images that spark engagement? Based on our experience, we say it’s all in the content, composition and quality.

Want to learn more? We found a few blog posts to help:

Secret #1: Content. Are you bored with your posts and searching for new image ideas? Kick start your image brainstorm with this great image post from Fresh Take on Content or this blog post from Wishpond offering suggestions for images that generate Instagram engagement.

Secret #2: Composition. You may not be a professional photographer, but you can learn basic practices that will make your images far more appealing and interesting. This information from Digital Camera World offers some great tips. Our favorite? Be sure to put the focal point of your image off center using the rule of thirds. Get snapping!

Secret #3: Quality. You know that frustrating feeling when images get cut off, turn out blurry or just look bad? So do we. It’s a headache! If you are struggling, this summary of current social media image guidelines from SproutsSocial will help!

Secret #4: Know Your Rights. It goes without saying that social media marketers like us must pay for or gain permission to use an image before posting. It’s critical to understand and follow usage laws or you might have to pay the price. This article from Social Media Examiner covers the basics.

I hope you’re inspired to create more engaging posts using the power of pictures. Please share your favorite posts and resources with us on Twitter or Facebook.