Ice-pocalypse 2013

Once Upon A Time…

There was a Thursday that began as any beautiful fall day in Texas with birds chirping; warm sun shining. Yet as the crisp air and weather alerts of the afternoon set in, many prepared to brave the storms that brewed only miles away. By nightfall, freezing rain left layers of ice and slush coating seemingly every inch of the Dallas landscape.

News was steadily flowing in: Schools and work places were closing. The thought of ice skating, sleeping in, hot cocoa by the fire and Holiday movie marathons danced around in everyone’s head.

But as reality set in by Saturday, boredom won and the North laughed at our low cold tolerance. That vacation you had by flight: Denied. Snowman making with all that cold white stuff outside: It’s unmoldable ice. Driving: your vehicle had turned into an ice-hicle. Your morning Starbucks: withdrawals due to unmanuverable road conditions. Hourly Social Media activity: No internet.

This very Monday, the thawing has begun, restoring Texan’s faith in the oddly comforting warm typical Texas winter weather pattern.

Let the marketing commence!