It All Comes Together In Addison

Much excitement ran amidst Vivanti Group last week as our year-long collaboration with Matchbox Studios, Shiroma | Southwest and Addison was finally unveiled!

On January 23rd at Whole Foods Market, media, residents, businesses, visitors and city leaders stopped by to see what was coming together in Addison at the Rebranding Campaign Launch Party.

An exciting new tagline and fresh look was in store, celebrating the past and introducing the bright future of Addison. In addition to the presence of branded city trucks, coffee, tumblers, stickers and more, an interactive dot pit experience was a great addition to the party.

Grab A Dot. Discover A Lot: We asked two strangers to join together in the dot pit and read the questions written on the larger dots, resulting in making a new friend. We felt this helped reinforce the tagline, and the idea that anyone can connect in the friendly, fun and energetic atmosphere Addison presents.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the exciting future of Addison!