Pinterest – Building Content & Brand Ambassadors

Everyone has heard of the new Pinterest craze. From humorous memes, like the attached image, to new recipes and outfits, Pinterest has quickly become the best tool for sharing visual content. As content is a crucial aspect of online marketing, Pinterest is a crucial aspect of online marketing. Why? 

We asked the same question. So, we read a book called Pinfluence, The Comlete Guide to Marketing Your Business With Pinterest by Beth Hayden. Here are a few key points we gleaned from our reading. 

People make decisions based on what their friends say on social media. According to a January 2012 Hubspot report, consumers are 71 percent more likely to purchase a product when a friend provides a good review of it on social media. A Pinterest-savvy business will make sure photos of their products are easy to locate online and tagged with appropriate buzz words. If these product images are easy to locate and pin, they will be easy for brand loyalists to share. Creating these brand ambassadors puts your product in your audiences’ hands and provides a credible endorsement. Pinterest makes this process really easy on a platform where your users are already spending time. 

Curating interesting content will help grow your platform. Pinterest will help you create and build a community that is strong and engaged. With this foundation, whether it be books, clothes, food or a service, your community will receive you with open arms. Their loyalty comes from your brand’s relatable personality, which is the next reason to get on Pinterest. . It’s fun to assess the Pinfluence of competing national brands. 

Pinterest helps humanize your brand. When your brand is relatable, it becomes more credible to consumers. By showing your brand’s true heart and personality through Pinterest boards, your brand can be more successful in the market. Inspirational boards show depth and encourage loyalty, so don’t feel stuck on only posting images of your particular product. Showcase your humor or sassiness through compelling visual content, which is all the more important as consumers read less and less. 

Overall, Pinterest is one more tool to engage with your audience. It will only support your overall marketing objectives and cannot be left on its own. Have a strategy and goals in mind when you begin, always keep up with the latest trends and you are on the track to success.

-by Kati Taylor