A Salute to Some of Our Favorite Dallas Bloggers!

We've got the 411 on the list of the top Dallas bloggers you need to know:

Blog: Nelli and Elysa, GenPink
GenPink gives a look into the fabulous life of a 20-something in Dallas. These girls help channel your college withdrawals and give budgeting advice to the fashion addict in you! It’s your final au revoir to childhood and bonjour to the Dallas young professionals life. It shows us all why being a 20-something in Dallas is something to be desired!

Blog: Susie O, Susie Drinks Dallas
Looking for somewhere to spice up your evenings? Susie’s not shy about all of the incredible Happy Hour places in Dallas. Whether you are looking by price, neighborhood, day of the week or time of day, she has all the scoop. With more than 100 reviews of all the top hot spots, you are sure to not go thirsty!

Blog: Bella Ramos, Dateless in Dallas
What’s it like to be single in the Big D? Get ready to walk in Bella’s shoes and understand why being single=fun! She shows us why Dallas has so much to offer with your friends and reminds the ladies out there to never settle for less than we deserve. The way to single bliss may or may not include lots of retail therapy, ice cream eating and pampering on the side!

Blog: Cynthia Smoot, Oh So Cynthia
A fierce and fashionable red head, Cynthia gives her readers some insight into the hottest fashion and coolest people in Dallas. You’ll see posts from her with celebrities like Courtney Loves Dallas’ Courtney Kerr, Top Chef’s Tre Wilcox and Bravo’s Alex Stein. You can also see her featured on shows like D the Broadcast, WFAA and KTXD.

Blog: Betsy Mitchell, Dallas Socials
Betsy describes herself as a Mexican Food addict and Southern comfort food lover, and perhaps that’s why we find her food recommendations so enticing! The true Texan in her names 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House and Urban Taco as some of the most tasty AND affordable eats in Dallas. And we certainly can't forgo mentioning some of her faves like the Thin Mint Cookie Shake at Twisted Root!

Blog: Lea Ann Stundins, Mommy’s Wish List
Being a mom can often mean using lots of tricks and being on a tight budget. Lea Ann gives your complete guide/tools to all the best mommy bargain shopping and play! Have you taken your child to their free monthly Mini-Build event at the LEGO store yet? How about tricking your kids into a Rice Krispie treat with hidden carrots and apples? She’s got all your tricks and tips.

Blog: Jennifer Buxton, Real Posh Mom
Jennifer combines the struggles and pleasures of “mommyhood” by walking her readers through her journey of faith and family. Wondering how to let the kiddos help in the kitchen? She’s got an idea for that. How about deciding whether Family Camp is worth the money? Problem solved. Need some encouragement on how to discipline your kids the Godly way? Look no further!

Blog: Courtney and Allison Edwards, Where Wear in the City
This twin duo has a passion for Dallas fashion and events, which gives way to one of our favorite lifestyle blogs. We love their fashionably-tuned sense of all the hottest events and entertainment going on in and around Dallas. Where else would you find info on designing your own boot from Lisa Lecroy or meet with Dallas artist Leonard Volk? They sure know how to take your Dallas lifestyle to the next level!