Pinterest – Building Content & Brand Ambassadors

Everyone has heard of the new Pinterest craze. From humorous memes, like the attached image, to new recipes and outfits, Pinterest has quickly become the best tool for sharing visual content. As content is a crucial aspect of online marketing, Pinterest is a crucial aspect of online marketing. Why? 

A Serving of a Fresh Perspective

Reality television, blogging, social media and self-publishing have greatly reduced the barrier to distributing information to a broader audience. It’s to the point that most up-and-coming marketing professionals include their Twitter handle and blog link on their email signature and resume.

Email Marketing

Are you going to be a casualty of somebody’s spring cleaning blitz? Were you already a goner due to someone’s New Year’s resolution to simplify?

If you use email marketing, it’s a sure bet that consumers who “opted in” as subscribers will at times delete your unread emails simply because they feel overwhelmed. And inevitably, some recipients will end things altogether by unsubscribing, which you, the “dumpee,” will try not to take personally by picturing the dumper delivering that age-old breakup speech: “It’s not you; it’s me.”

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