'Stache Attack

Ron Burgundy; Ron Swanson; Ron Jeremy: beyond their noteworthy names, these bold-to-the-core men have one important feature in common: their ‘stache.

Movember is upon us ladies! Prepare to see a Handlebar, Pencil, Cowboy or Fu Manchu at every turn. But fear not Mo Sistas, supporting the ‘stache is a sure way to guarantee you a Mo ‘Mance with that perfect Mo Bro.

They say that upon receiving that first lip hair, one has made the journey from boy to man. Men tend to idolize the mustache and many feel as though they must sport one at some time in their lives. Movember began with just that: 30 Australian bros who decided to grow a ‘stache to show the world their manhood in a bold way. Since this pivotal MOment in the history of all mustaches, the MOvement has grown worldwide changing the face of men’s health for generations to come.

The Movember team has provided many ways for one to show their support, whether a Mo Sista or Bro: Mustache Daches, Mo Parties, Moscars, Gala Partés and Shave the Dates are sure to blow your ‘stache back.

Who are the men in your life you need to support this Movember?