Super Bowl Sum-Up

Here’s a look into the 2014 Super Bowl ads…

The hot new trend this year was hashtags! We found our favorites (#hugfest, #nicehashtag, #goodtobebad) just so happened to be better than those ads themselves. We counted 22… you?

While there were some amazing spots, Budweiser’s 'Puppy Love' and Hyundai’s '6th Sense' came out on top as the two crowd favorites.

Feel goods include: Intuit challenge winner Goldieblox’ 'Come on Bring the Toys', Chevy’s 'Life' and Budweiser’s 'Hero’s Welcome'. These are sure to tug at the heartstrings!

Next up: Budlight’s 'Epic Night', Maserati’s 'Strike' and Coca-Cola’s 'It’s Beautiful' played it big this year, making some epic spots.

Inspiration Nation: Jeep’s 'Restless', Microsoft’s 'Empowering', Axe’s 'Make Love. Not War' and Chrysler’s 'America’s Import' leave you ready to take on the world.

Best branding selections: Pistachio’s 'Stephen Colbert', Heinz Ketchup’s 'Hum', and Doritos’ 'Cowboy Kid' make sure the viewer’s know who is behind the ad.

Fun approach: Cheerios’ 'Gracie', Radio Shack’s 'The Phone Call' and VW’s 'Wings' had audiences all over laughing.

This year’s top flops: Dannon Oikos’ 'The Spill', Subway’s 'It’s Crunch Time', Squarespace’s 'A Better Web Awaits' and Butterfinger Cups 'Therapy'.

Do you have a favorite or a failure? You can weigh in on Adweek’s Big Game Ad Report Card: