ICSC – Next Generation Recap

I learned so much at the ICSC – Next Generation Conference but here is a brief, high-level recap of the highlights.


SHOW SOME LOVE: Oktoberfest

PROST Y’ALL: Our client, Town of Addison, is gearing up for another exciting Oktoberfest, September 19-22. This event is known as one of the most authentic outside of Munich.

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Oktoberfest in Addison and our 2nd year working on the event collateral. The event lasts four days and offers German music, schnitzel, folk dancing, sing-alongs, children’s entertainment and much more.

What Will You Wear To What To Wear?

We’re only a couple of days away from Mockingbird Station’s What To Wear Fashion Show: Style Lab, which will strut out Sept. 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. on the outdoor Mezzanine in front of the Angelika Film Center. The stylish soirée will be sponsored by Casa Noble Tequila and will feature complimentary cocktails and bites, an A+ roster of gorgeous models, first class music by DJ Feezy, extra credit prizes for our fashion over-achievers and a panel of six chic Style Lab notables ready to give you a crash course in looking amazing 101.

What Holds Women Back from Leadership

Last week in the San Francisco Airport, the September cover of the Harvard Business Review caught my eye. The image is a silhouette of a woman with a hair-do, circa 1950. Bright words across the black profile shout, “Emotional Bossy Too Nice – The biases that still hold female leaders back, and how to overcome them.”

Wow. Those words really hit home. So much so that I bought the $17 magazine and read the article on the way back to Dallas.

A Truly Colored Perspective

Vivanti is actively involved with the revolution or reinvention of brands across a broad spectrum of industries. When we host a branding brain storm, we ask clients to think about what type of animal their brand is or what type of party their brand would host to gain an understanding of how they perceive themselves.

Something many brands forget to think about it is how their brand is perceived in the market, not just in their minds. Jason Miller, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn and former senior manager of social media at Marketo, created an infographic about how brand colors say more about the brand than clients believe they do.

Color is the first thing customers will notice about your brand. It is the first blush between a company and a consumer so understanding your colors’ perception in the marketplace is a crucial factor in understanding the place your brand takes in its arena.

I decided to do an analysis of Vivant Group using this info graphic. According to Miller, Vivanti, which is predominantly red and white, is an aggressive, energetic, attention-grabbing company while also noble, clean and soft.

Doesn't seem to go together does it?

However, when you think about a marketing firm and all its functions, you can see how those adjectives are actually spot on. We are aggressive in gaining business and providing solid counsel for our clients. We run at a fast-pace, high energy environment where our work never ends. Yet, we have high ethics and maintain a type of customer service that is exceptional for the cut-throat industry we work in.

So my challenge is this. Take a look at this infographic and do a brand analysis. Is your company accurately reflected by your brand colors?

Why Should a Company Rebrand?

Change is inevitable. As any good business owner knows, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to evolve. But what about your company’s brand? Does your tagline still fit your company? Is your look outdated? Does your tone reflect your company today? Maybe it’s time for a little rebranding.

So, why should you change something you’ve known for years?

Rebranding isn’t just a facelift. It’s a chance to seize opportunities and foil the competition by introducing your newest services, address new audiences or enter new markets. It’s like a fresh start.

What's WOM With This Picture?

While chatting about upcoming events with a fellow marketing maven and social media manager over lunch the other day, the topic of word-of-mouth vs. viral marketing found its way into the conversation. My friend mentioned that her firm “doesn’t really do word-of-mouth marketing, right now they’re into viral marketing.”

Happy Employees - Better Marketing Results

It’s been said a great employee is someone you trust enough to make a mistake only once.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s been said but I imagine something like it has. Forbes recently released an article proposing good employers are those who allow their employees to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

I’m sure everyone agrees a good and caring employer will make a happy employee. And a good and caring employer recognizes this truth:

Info to Boost Your Marketing Power

From mobile marketing and retargeting to cloud-based tools and social media, staying up to speed on marketing trends is just about a full-time occupation. Although it can be overwhelming, the constant evolution is one of the most exciting aspects of marketing. The changes keep us invigorated – learning about new tools and methods to meet our clients’ objectives. Each project offers new challenges and opportunities. And solutions that worked in the past may not be the best answer in the future.

Keeping up with Adobe

The release of Adobe Creative Cloud has creative professionals debating pros and cons like Coke vs. Pepsi. It leaves us wondering about the long-term implications of this big change in the field.


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