Vivanti Work


Traditional advertising materials still play a major role in boosting sales and increasing brand awareness – it just gets harder and harder everyday to stand out from the crowd. You have knocked on the right door though, at Vivanti Group we have just the perfect talents to stir up imagination and capture your customers’ full attention:
• Brochures: no matter how the Internet and e-Commerce have evolved in recent years, brochures still have an undeniable effect in consumers’ minds. Having a beautifully designed physical representation of the company displaying its brand and what it has to offer always leaves an impression of credibility and trust. Our creative team comprised of graphic designers and creative writers understand that more than anyone, and we know how to craft a customized brochure that works.
• Post cards: used to increase sales and brand identity, postcards need to be treated with smart planning of distribution tactics and target audience. Vivanti Group can help with customer analysis, distribution area research, and creative design to ensure a successful postcard mailing rollout for your company.
• Print ad: advertising done with newspapers and magazines helps reach the right customers easily; however it is not an easy task to stand out from the clutter of advertisements on the same publication, or lead to actual interaction from the readers. A good print ad needs attractive visual and content that speaks the buyer’s mind – just another thing we are experts at.
• Direct mail: being the most popular method in direct marketing, direct mail comes in different forms for different environment and practices. We are experts in content development as well as creative design for direct marketing, and our ideology is to accommodate all marketing efforts no matter what medium or methods your business needs to have.