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Ever since the dot-com boom, almost all business entities in the world have adopted their own website, sometimes simply to follow the crowd and not utilize the page to its full potential. We believe a strong website planned with good strategy can increase valuable leads, improve sales and even promise a better public image for your company. Vivanti Group and our partners Laura do you want this to say “our partners”? have developed several successful websites with following services:
• Website design: based on your brand identity, competitor’s websites, internal analysis and target customers we will present a detailed web plan and different design options to choose from. During the implementation phase Vivanti Group will also host an interactive workshop to help you and your employees use the website with ease.
• Website content development: whether you choose to get involved in the website content development or not, we will have a custom recommendation ready to aid with the process. Your website content should follow a strict agenda of what information to present, when to update, and who to direct the conversation to – all of which are supported by our team at Vivanti Group.