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Having a cohesive Marketing Strategy is crucial to any business or organization, since it is the center of all product development, product management, marketing, sales and communication activities. An effective Marketing Strategy helps set the course on how to use available resources to maximize a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Vivanti Group offers thorough Strategy Consulting services with several options available.
• Strategic Planning: first we will analyze the current profile of your organization, discuss marketing methods used in the past and explore your business goals. We then gather project data, evaluate possible solutions and brainstorm new opportunities. From this, a customized Marketing Strategy tailored to your specific needs will be delivered with detailed explanation of concepts and tactics to be used.
• Competitive Analysis: an up-to-date analysis of your industry and competitors is a must to understand new opportunities and threats for your company. After discovering the scope and nature of your industry and determine who your competitors are, we will go through detailed profiles of these opponents. Knowing what your competitors have been doing and planning to do in the future, their advantages/disadvantages compared to yours, and current trends in the industry will provide valuable inputs to your own strategy.
• Demographic Analysis: we will study the population in either an existing or a potential demographic area for your business. The research will discover the size, density, potential growth, and characteristics such as economic, cultural, and geographic as well as other social attributes of the population. This information helps us understand what attracts or discourages people living in this area, which is essential to your business plan.
• Target Market Segmentation: from demographic data and project description we will divide the market into segments of various categories: age, gender, education, income level, marital status, ethnic or religious background, family cycle. Other traits like lifestyle, social class, opinions, activities and habits will also apply. Then based on your industry, company and products/services we will generate the ideal target segments.
• Market Potential Assessment: there can be several possible target segments for your business, but not all of them will bring the most profitable return. If the population of the segment is too small, or too little sales are made, we will need to redesign the scope for your product. Defining the right audience will help leading your business in the right direction and producing the desirable return on your investment.
• Focus Groups, Interviews & Surveys: we understand the needs to monitor product and service quality, to get feedbacks and even new ideas from your customers. We will aid your business with creating suitable testing tools, collecting answers and interpreting the results to understand underlying trends.